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Pictures in the mail November 17, 2007

Filed under: ballet,broadway,cal performances,dance,life,San Francisco Ballet — Jolene @ 9:48 pm

Sort of a lazy post today. Still recovering from the past few days, I went to see The Color Purple again. Felicia Fields is completely worth it and that show never fails to get me.

It’s nice though to pull out all the mail and find some gems in the midst of bills, such as this picture as a part of a Gap promo. Gorgeous – featuring Greta Hodgkinson of the National Ballet of Canada. I wonder if she’ll be coming as a part of SFB’s International Salute next season? Does anyone know who her gorgeous partner is?

The cast of Spring Awakening was also featured in their holiday ads. What a fun picture.

I also got a promo for Mark Morris’ The Hard Nut. For the first time, I wished I was a Berkeley student so I could access their 50% off discount.

Who says that snow is exclusively female??

On a separate note, I finally put the final excruciating finishing details on my PhD thesis proposal and sent it in to my committee members. I’m about halfway there… as I sent it off, hoping there were no dumb mistakes, I was reminded of this comic strip (a favorite of procrastinating graduate students everywhere), from .

I made sure that I spelled my name right.


6 Responses to “Pictures in the mail”

  1. M Says:

    It’s Roberto Bolle. And he’s f*ing gorgeous.

  2. Jolene Says:

    His hair looks lighter in the photo! I didn’t recognize him – He is so *perfect looking*. Odd how he isn’t credited, although Greta Hodgkinson is.

  3. jennifer Says:

    Roberto needs a better agent; why is he not credited??

  4. tonya Says:

    Oh my gosh, that IS Roberto! I never would have noticed if M didn’t say so; his hair does look so different from when I saw him at ABT. I wish so much I could see the Mark Morris — it looks so fun! Just one more question: Jolene, aren’t you a PhD student at Berkeley now? Can’t you get their 50% discounts?

  5. Jolene Says:

    hehe, no I don’t go to Berkeley but another school nearby. But it pains me to say that for the first time I wish I was a Cal student b/c I went to Cal’s rival school as an undergrad, Stanford.

  6. […] thanks to Jen & Jolene, I noticed this Gap ad right off when I opened my New York magazine tonight. The man is Italian […]

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